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January 17, 2001

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The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luigi Einaudi, today expressed his sympathy for the people of El Salvador, which was recently struck by an "unexpected and devastating" tragedy.

Ambassador Einaudi presented El Salvador's Ambassador to the OAS Margarita Escobar with a check for US$20,000 during a ceremony at OAS headquarters in Washington. The money was derived from the Inter-American Emergency Aid Fund (FONDEM).

"I am optimistic only because I know El Salvador and the relentless strength and capabilities of its people, and that they will find a way to overcome these difficulties as they pick up the pieces," Einaudi declared.

Declaring that it was against a background of deep pain and suffering that she was accepting the condolences, Ambassador Escobar expressed appreciation for the donation, noting the solidarity of the OAS and its swift and effective response tot he appeal by President Francisco Flores in the face of the dire needs arising from the national emergency and disaster. "El Salvador never loses faith, never loses hope and will be back on its feet again, with your help and the sheer effort and resilience of the Salvadorian people themselves," she added.

The OAS Permanent Council will meet tomorrow and will consider among its agenda items "Solidarity with and Assistance for the Government and People of El Salvador." The OAS Staff Committee announced that it had opened a special account for "Aid to El Salvador," at the Organization's Staff Credit Union, to receive contributions from OAS staff. The proceeds will be funneled through the International Red Cross.