Dominican Republic

Traditional Measures

Hold high-level meetings involving the ministries of defense and foreign affairs at the bilateral, subregional, and regional levels in order to provide for frank and direct dialogue on the joint evaluation of various aspects of defense and security and to exchange ideas and views with respect to the objectives of national defense policy, as well as the shared means of addressing common problems in this area.

Activity Description

Capitán de Navío Pedro Antonio Ventura Polonia , Teniente de Navío Geilyn Gerineldo García Mesa y el Teniente de Fragata Abranhs Ulises Frances Pérez, ARD, participaron en el Debate de Actividades de Creación de Capacidad Marítima.

Place:Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
Date of the Event:February 08, 2022
Participants: Trinidad and Tobago

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