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Acts intended to induce fear or emotional distress (ICCS 0208)
Acts intended to induce fear or emotional distress refers to “Fear or emotional distress caused by a person’s behaviour or act. Emotional distress, at minimum, is mental or psychological pain”.
INCLUSIONS: Bullying; cyber-bullying; non-sexual harassment (harassment, work place harassment; bullying in the workplace or outside the workplace); mobbing in the work place; bullying in the work place; private nuisance; acts causing alarm or distress; stalking (including cyberstalking); persistently calling a person; psychological violence
EXCLUSIONS: Acts related to expressions of controlled social beliefs and norms (08032); intentional remark, action or communication (spoken or otherwise) by a person which harms another person’s reputation, respect, confidence in which a person is held, or induces hostile or disagreeable opinions or feelings (0209)

[Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS), UNODC, Mar 2015, pp.46-47. Web:]