Internships in Washington D.C.

The internships are offered 3 times a year (winter/spring, summer and fall), in which approximately 70 interns are selected by over 40 departments/areas within the General Secretariat of the OAS to participate in each session.

Every week interns participate in informative meetings about the Organization, where they learn about its pillars, mission and projects. Visits to other international organizations in the area (such as IDB, World Bank, PAHO, etc) are also part of the internship program, as well as the opportunity to participate in the MOAS/PC or Model OAS that simulates the Permanant council. These activities are mandatory for all participants and it allows them to gain skills and experience in a multicultural environment.

Although internships are unpaid, they are highly competitive and in order to be selected the applicant must meet the requirements and submit all required documentation.            

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Internships in National Offices and Special Programs

The OAS has 28 National Offices and some Special Programs located in member state countries. This gives the opportunity to all of those interested in doing their internship in his/her country of origin or another country of interest.

Selected interns work in different projects assingned by each office. In addition, an online program of complementary activities has been created concerning the OAS, its mission, pillars and projects, which is coordinated by headquarters in Washington DC, through a virtual platform.

The duration of the internships are of 10 weeks minimum to 6 months maximum and may be full time (40 hrs. per week) or part time (20 hrs. per week). The length, start and end dates vary for office to office. For more information on available opportunities, please send an email to attaching your Resume/Curriculum Vitae, indicating countries of preference and dates you are available for the internship.                               

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