AG/DEC. 9 (XXV-O/95)


(Adopted at the ninth plenary session held on June 9, 1995)

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, CONSIDERING its repeated statements that the question of the Malvinas Islands is a matter of enduring hemispheric concern;

RECALLING its resolution AG/RES. 928 (XVIII-O/88), adopted by consensus on November 19, 1988, which requests the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume negotiations in order to find, as soon as possible, a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute;

BEARING IN MIND that in its resolution AG/RES. 1049 (XX-O/90) it expressed its satisfaction over the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and in its declaration AG/DEC. 5(XXIII-O/93) it emphasized the excellent state of their bilateral relations; and

HAVING HEARD the presentation of the Head of Delegation of the Argentine Republic,

WELCOMES the reaffirmation of the will of the Argentine Government to explore all possible avenues for peaceful settlement of the controversy and, in particular, its positive views concerning the inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands; and

DECIDES to continue to examine the question of the Malvinas Islands at its subsequent sessions until a definitive solution is reached thereon.

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