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IABIN IEC meeting

Costa Rica

 February 16-18, 2011



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The IABIN ( Executive Committee (IEC) and Coordinating Institution (CI) Meeting was held in Costa Rica February 16-18, 2010. Representatives from the Coordinating Institutions as well as the Value Added Tools grants recipients reviewed the status of the tools, data content grants, (, and value added products funded under the IABIN Project. The meeting was organized by the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) as Executing Agency of the Project.  


This meeting provided all participants to examine the progress, challenges, lessons learned and current status of the network after six years of project implementation.  Participants reviewed completed activities, including Component 1: Interoperability and Access to Data, Component 2: Data Content Creation, and Component 3: Tools for Decision Making. Likewise, IEC members and CIs strategized how to best utilize and plan future development of the tools and products of the project, undergo brief training in the use of Component 3 tools, and continue the ongoing discussion on IABINs sustainability and future.


Specific Goals for the meeting were:

  • IEC, CI members trained on Component 3 tools, able to promote them as needed in their countries,      international meetings, etc.

  • IEC feedback on final development of IABIN

  • CI coordination on fundraising

  • Ensuring linkages with global, national level sister initiatives



IABIN Thematic Networks (TNs)




Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Universidade de Sao Paulo

PTN: IABIN Pollinators Thematic Network, "Making a Difference for Pollinators"

Maria Auxiliadora, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad de Costa Rica (INBio)

SSTN: IABIN Species and Specimens Thematic Network

Helena Pavese, UNEP - WCMC

PATN: Protected Areas Thematic Network

Vincent Abreu, ETN Coordinator

ETN: IABIN's Ecosystem Thematic Network: A regional initiative to advance the use and integration of ecosystem information

Christine Fournier, I3N Coordinator

I3N : Status Update on the IABIN Invasive Species Network (I3N)

IABIN Catalogue




Ben Wheeler, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

IABIN Catalogue

Ben Wheeler, Geological Survey (USGS)

IABIN Website

IABIN Value Added Tools




Steve Schill, The Nature Conservancy

Ecosystem Assessment & Reporting (EAR) Tool

Denny Grossman, The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI)

Data Integration and Analysis Gateway (IABIN DIAG)

Andy Jarvis, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Providing means for a better understanding of biodiversity





Alberto Gonzlez Talavn, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

GBIF and IABIN: status and opportunities in 2011

Arturo Restrepo, IABIN Coordinator

IABIN Sustainability : advancing on Biodiversity Informatics and Sustainable Development Decision Processes and Policies at National and Regional Scales Through the Use of IABIN Data and Services in The Americas


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