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Antigua and Barbuda: Sexual Offences  Act, 1995;  Domestic Violence legislation, 1999

Argentina: Act No. 25.087 modifying the Penal Code, 1999; Act No. 24.417, "Protection against Family Violence," 1994;  Provincia del Chaco- Law No. 4377 creates a provincial program for prevention of inter-family violence and assistance to victims,1993; Provincia de Neuquen- Law No. 2212  on 11529  on inteinter-family violence, 1993; Provincia de Santa Fe- Law No. r-family violence, 1993

Bahamas:   Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Act, 1991

Barbados:   Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act, 1992; Sexual Offenses Act, 1992

Belize: Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Act, 1991; Domestic Violence Act, 1992

Bolivia: Act No. 1674, "Law against Domestic and Family Violence," 1995; Law 1678, which modifies the Penal Code concerning sexual offenses, 1997

Brazil:  Legislative Decree 107, which converts into  law the text of  the Convention of Belém do Pará, 1995; Article 226 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, and various articles of the Penal Code. Ley 11.340 contra la violencia doméstica y familiar, conocida como Ley "María da Penha", 2006.

Chile: Act No. 20066, Act on Domestic Violence, published on Oct. 7, 2005 which replaces Act No. 19.325, "Establishing Standard Procedures and Penalties for Acts of Violence within the Family," 1994; and modifies the Penal Code.

Colombia Law 294 to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Domestic Violence, July  1996; Law 360 on Offenses against Sexual Liberty and Human Dignity, 1997; Law 575, which modifies parts of  Law 294, 2000.

Costa Rica: Act No. 7142, Promoting the Social Equality of Women,1990,  Chapter 4 of which addresses violence in the family;  Act 7586 Against Domestic Violence, 1996.

Dominica: Sexual Offenses Act, 1992; Domestic Violence Bill No. 77586, 1996; Sexual Offenses Act, 1998.

Dominican Republic Law 24-97, defining domestic violence, sexual harassment, and incest as crimes, 1997.

Ecuador: Law against Violence toward Women and the Family, 1995.

El Salvador: Law 902 against Family Violence, 1996

Guatemala: Law 97-96 to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Family Violence; Congressional Decree  7-99 "Law for the Dignity and Integral Promotion of Women.", 1999

Guyana: Domestic Violence Act, 1996

Honduras Law for the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women  Decree No. 132-97

Haiti:  Decret modifiant le régime des Agressions Sexuelles et éliminant en la matičre les Discriminations contre la Femme, July 2005. 

Jamaica:  Domestic Violence Act, 1989. Law on Domestic Violence 1996

Mexico: Law on Prevention of Family Violence and Provision of Related Assistance, 1996; Decree to reform the Civil Code and Penal code in reference to Family Violence and Rape, 1997; laws on domestic violence have been adopted in eight States, Ley General de Acceso de las Mujeres a una Vida Libre de Violencia, 2007.

Nicaragua Law containing amendments and additions to the Penal Code, 1996; Law on the Creation of the Special Police Office for Women and Children as expressed in the National Police Law, 1996; Law 230 which establishes protection for women who are victims of domestic violence, 1996 

Panama: Act No. 27 on Domestic Violence Offenses and Mistreatment of Minors, 1995;  Law Number 4 "Equal Opportunities for Women", 1999 

Paraguay:   Law 1600/00 against Domestic violence, 2000

Peru: Act 26260, which establishes State and social policy on domestic violence, 1993; Act No. 26763,which establishes mechanisms to guarantee greater protection for domestic violence victims, 1997;  Act  26770 reforming the Penal Code, establishing that marriage does not vitiate grounds for prosecution of crimes against sexual freedom, 1997; Act 27115 which establishes  Public Penal Action for Offenses against Sexual Liberty, 1999; Act 27306, which modifies Act 26260, 2000.

Saint Lucia: Domestic Violence Summary Proceedings Act, 1995.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:   Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act, 1984.

Trinidad and Tobago: Sexual Offenses Act, 1986; Domestic Violence Act, 1991;  Act No. 10 Domestic Violence Act, 1999.

United States of America: Act No. 103-322, 1994, Title IV, Violence against Women Act.

Uruguay: Act No. 16707, "Law on the Safety of Citizens," July 1995, adds to the Criminal Code Art. 321 (bis), defining domestic violence as a crime and stipulating punishment; Law  17514 on Domestic Violence, 2002.

Venezuela: Law on Violence against Women and the Family, 1998; Law 4635 concerning equal opportunities for women, specifically, Chapter 5 concerning rights in case of violence and abuse. 

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