Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project
Implemented by the Organization of American States
Unit of Sustainable Development and Environment
for the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Caribbean Regional Program

The Natural Hazards Project component was financed by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO)
OAS-ECHO School Vulnerability Reduction Program



Bparham.gif (58679 bytes)

Parham Primary School
Parham Town, Antigua

Bprinces.gif (67583 bytes)

Princess Margaret School
St. John's, Antigua

Bliberta.gif (56511 bytes)

Liberta Primary School
Liberta, Antigua

Bangirl.gif (58089 bytes)

Antigua Girls High School
St. John's, Antigua

Bbolans.gif (57122 bytes)

Bolans Primary School
Bolans Village

Burlins.gif (54078 bytes)

Urlings Primary School
Urlings Village, Antigua

Bgreenb.gif (51212 bytes)

Greenbay Primary School
St. John's, Antigua

Bnewwin.gif (58803 bytes)

New Winthropes Primary School
Barnes Hill, Antigua

Btnkirn.gif (63315 bytes)

T.N. Kirnon School
St. John's, Antigua

Bantgram.gif (52935 bytes)

Antigua Grammar School
St. John's, Antigua

Bjohnhu.gif (65911 bytes)

John Hughes Primary School
John Hughes, Antigua

Bfivei.gif (46563 bytes)

Five Islands School
St. John's, Antigua

Bambrose.gif (53174 bytes)

J.T. Ambrose School
All Staints, Antigua

Bcrossc.gif (53381 bytes)

Cobbs Cross Primary School
Cobbs Cross, Antigua

Bintrade.gif (56490 bytes)

St. John's, Antigua

Bholytri.gif (53975 bytes)

Holy Trinity School
Codrinton, Barbuda

Bglanvil.gif (58198 bytes)

Glanvilles Primary School
Glanvilles Village, Antigua

Bottos.gif (47513 bytes)

Ottos Comprehensive School
St. John's, Antigua


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